Friday, February 19, 2010

Biochemical Balance Solutions?

As any reader of my blog already knows, I write/talk a great deal about “metabolic balance” or “biochemical balance” and “Vigor” (the opposite of “burnout”) - including the detrimental health effects of chronic stress and some of the many solutions for restoring metabolic balance and Vigor. I also write about these topics

One of my most recent product development projects is the Eleviv dietary supplement from Xango ( - a product formula that took approximately 6 years to develop and study - and one that I am very proud of because it works so well and has been helping so many people around the world. Part of my scientific advisory relationship with Xango involves giving educational seminars about chronic stress and about the research behind eleviv.

I have recorded a few of those seminars and posted them in thePODCAST section for you to listen to. They are listed by the City and Date where/when they were delivered...



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